International family issues

Creative Divorce practitioners are the very best in the City of London, well-versed in the needs and circumstances of our international community and the implications of living (and divorcing) with assets in multiple worldwide locations. Although the situation of an international family may be complex, there are many who prefer the privacy and proactive atmosphere of the collaborative process, mediation or arbitration to extended court litigation.  Our lawyers and financial specialists are international in focus, creative in method, and constructive in ethos.

The collaborative process and mediation lend themselves as easily to children’s arrangements as to financial arrangements where the concerns are multi-jurisdictional, as long as all participants are solution-focussed and committed to a mutually beneficial outcome.

Creative Divorce practitioners include family law arbitrators, able to determine an outcome in private in suitable financial cases, and the very best barristers who can act as private judges by agreement in children cases, when aspects of an outcome cannot easily be agreed.



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