Divorce & civil partnership dissolution

We will explain and guide you through the process of dissolving your marriage or civil partnership.  We understand that it is a traumatic time for your family.  Our Creative Divorce specialists ensure that the process is managed with dignity and respect, and without surprises.

The process of dissolving a marriage or civil partnership – i.e. getting a divorce – is largely administrative. The necessary paperwork to move the process forward will be dealt with by discussion at our meetings. You will agree the content of the documents  before they are sent to court, and we will explain the court timetable for progressing your case, which we will try and set at your pace.

In most divorces, there are financial and/or children’s matters to be discussed and resolved as part of making arrangements for the future.  Keeping matters out of court means these can be dealt with in the same discussions as part of an overall plan for the future, rather than having to be kept separate, as they are in the court process.



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