Children’s arrangements

A collaborative law setting is the ideal forum for sorting out arrangements for children when families separate. The process is about you and your family, not meeting the demands of the court, so your concerns and ideas are given priority, and you are more likely to reach solutions which work for you all.

We believe that courts are not the right place for decisions about your children to be made. Creative Divorce lawyers are London’s leading family lawyers with a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of law relating to children, and our commitment to the collaborative way of doing things means we are best placed to help you to reach a workable solution for your family.

The type of things which you can work out in a collaborative setting include:

Arrangements for children – formerly labelled “residence” and “contact”, the term “arrangements” covers the detail of how the children will spend time with both of you, how you might make decisions about them, where the children will live, and what you both believe is important for them as they grow up. It can also cover the involvement of the wider family, such as grandparents, if you wish;

Specific considerations such as choice of school, or aspects of religious upbringing, or even medical treatment; and

Taking children abroad, both in the short term for a holiday, or permanently if one parent is relocating overseas.

A collaborative family lawyer from Creative Divorce can tell you what the law says and what a court might do, but every separating family is unique and it is up to you as parents to arrive at a plan which works in the best possible way for you and your children. You can choose to bring in a collaboratively trained family consultant, or a mediator, if this would assist your family. Many of our members are also mediators and use this process to assist families seeking resolution regarding future arrangements for children.


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