What do you need?

We are collaborative divorce and family law practitioners (solicitors and barristers), mediators, arbitrators and experts.  We offer a fresh approach to resolving the issues that arise when people find themselves in need of family law advice. The breadth of our expertise in the legal, financial and therapeutic fields enables us to offer you a bespoke, confidential and effective way of dealing with divorce and separation, arrangements for children, and asset protection when you may be thinking about getting married and having a prenuptial agreement.  By co-operating with other collaborative lawyers and professionals we can help you develop creative solutions for your family’s future.  We are all committed to helping clients resolve family law disputes through a non-confrontational approach.

In collaborative law and mediation we encourage you to take a wider view of what can be  the limited range of options open to a court, so we can think creatively to help you and your family move forward after you have separated, or protect your assets when you are considering your future together. Our out-of-court dispute resolution processes are designed to help you reach practical, workable outcomes with dignity and respect.

Our lawyers are some of the most experienced and sought-after in London.  Where we think you, or your spouse, or both of you, might benefit from more in depth and detailed discussion about your financial information, or a third party unbiased opinion on an issue, or some therapeutic input to help you manage the changes in your family, we can call upon our specialist colleagues to join with us in helping your family.  Creative Divorce practitioners trust each other and are used to working together.  Each solicitor retains client focus alongside a wider perspective, and each consultant retains a constructive independence.

We can help you with:

  • divorce
  • civil partnership dissolution
  • international family law matters
  • financial and property arrangements
  • parenting and children’s arrangements
  • pre-nups and post-nups and spousal agreements
  • living together agreements.

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