Land and property specialists

Many of our clients have significant interests in real estate and land.  Knowing the value of land and property, both in terms of capital and income production is a key part of the financial disclosure process. Thinking about how best to deal with those assets is a vital part of the negotiations within the four-way meetings.

Collaborative law is about communication, working together and respect, but that does not mean it is a woolly or soft option. The need to understand assets, value them, and to deal with them fairly is just the same as in other forms of sorting out the financial implications of family separation. Where a property portfolio forms part of the property of either spouse or both, whether the property is urban or rural, and in this country or abroad, obtaining the right information and advice is an essential part of the process.

The role of a property specialist within collaborative law is to advise you and your lawyers about valuations, rental and other income generation from property, issues surrounding potential sales in the UK and overseas, and any other queries which need resolving in order to be able to deal with property issues through negotiations within the four-way meetings.

Our property specialist is Ruaraidh Adams-Cairns.

Ruaraidh Adams-Cairns

Property Valuation Expert and Mediator


Phone: +44 (0)20 7016 3735


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