Divorce and pensions

Duncan Carmichael-JackDuncan Carmichael-Jack considers divorce and the sticky issue of pensions: protecting and rebuilding.

No-one can pretend that pension planning is the most exciting subject to engage with. But make no mistake as to the importance of understanding the tax treatment of your or your ex-spouse’s pension arrangements in any divorce settlement. Whether the task is protecting their value, obtaining a true and accurate valuation or seeking to re-build pension savings, the legislation can be complex and, at times Continue reading

Arbitration’s moment

Duncan BrooksDuncan Brooks discusses his experiences of arbitration both as an arbitrator and as a barrister representing a divorcing client.

Arbitration of family financial matters on divorce is possibly fastest-growing form of dispute resolution in England and Wales. Since the advent of the first family law arbitration scheme here in 2012, it has increasingly captured the imagination of divorcing couples who are frustrated with the delays, potential publicity and inflexibility of the court process, yet for whatever reason need an independent and binding Continue reading

Dishonesty in divorce

Tim AmosTim Amos QC considers dishonesty in financial proceedings on divorce, and whether collaborative law can ever be appropriate where there is a suspicion of dishonesty.

The cases of Mrs Sharland and Mrs Gohil have been much in the media recently. For those who have not seen the coverage, these two women were both financially hoodwinked in different ways by their respective husbands during divorce proceedings. Because of this, at the time both settled for less Continue reading

What does a Valuer do?

Ruaraidh Adams CairnsProperty expert Ruaraidh Adams-Cairns explains the process of completing an independent property valuation during divorce

I understand, from working with clients during family breakdown for 20 years, that the process of divorce can be confusing and overwhelming. I believe that information can help: the more clients know about how things work, the easier it is to understand or at least not worry about one part of the system. I am often asked about how I go about valuing a property, or properties, and I hope this short blog Continue reading